Golf Cart Registration and New Rules

Golf Cart Registration will not start until May. 
All rules are in effect. Even if you can’t register your cart it still should be compliant with all park rules. It must have insurance, lot numbers, and a rules sticker on the steering wheel. All drivers must follow all driving rules.

New Golf Cart Rules.

We are still having difficulty identifying problem golf carts because it’s hard to read the numbers on a moving cart from a distance, especially the rear numbers because people are often blocking them. So, we will be making a few minor changes to the rules.
The new golf cart rules will require 4″ numbers, instead of the 3″ numbers currently required, on the front and rear of the cart.  In addition, we will require the rear numbers be attached to the roof of the cart (if you have a roof), as we have done with the park golf carts and the rental golf carts.
Since the season is nearly underway and most golf carts are already identified under the old rules, these new rules will not go into effect until next season.
Of course, we would love for people to do it this season. To encourage early adopters, we will give the usual $10 off golf cart registration coupon only to those whose change over to the new rules prior to registering their cart this year.
To help make this easier for you, we have two people, Jackie Ramey and Deb Furman, who can make these 4″ numbers and plates with the numbers for you.
You can contact Jackie by calling 262-496-5600, emailing her at Whatnots by Jackie, or stopping by Lot 143.
You can contact Deb by calling 608-295-2894 or by emailing her at Canddsgraphics.

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