Golf Cart Registration

Wow, how confusing this has become.

Let’s begin by reminding everyone that the fee to register each golf cart each season is $20. If you have three golf carts, your registration fee would be $60.

So, how will the discount program work this year? First off, I would like to thank all the people who are switching to the new 4″ numbers and rear
plates. You are helping us solve a problem, and therefore you will get
$10 off of your registration. All of you who will be registering your golf cart(s) before Memorial Day weekend are also helping us solve a problem and you will also get $10 off your registration. So, if you upgrade to 4″ numbers and rear plates, and register your golf cart before Memorial Day weekend, you will get free golf cart registration ($20 off).

If you do one or the other, your registration fee would be $10, and if you do neither (and you are not required to have the larger numbers this season) your registration fee would be $20 per cart.

More On the 4″ Numbers and Plates

The guiding principle behind the park seeking this change is that your numbers are able to be seen clearly from a distance. This means that if you have a rear seat, which you must have in order to have more than two people in a cart, then even when your rear seat is fully occupied your numbers must be clearly visible from a distance.

We know that not everyone will be able to place a plate on the roof (some of us don’t have roofs on our carts, me included). Many carts have rear seats with footrests (which is a possible requirement for safety in the future) and some of those have a grab bar on them (another possible requirement for safety in the future), so mounting a number plate in one of these locations is a possible option for you.

Golf cart inspection will again be handled by Tom (from the Advisory Group) and Shelly (one of our managers) this season.

They will evaluate what you have and/or discuss possible options with you. The goal here is to solve a problem and work with everyone to find a solution that works for you as well, rather than simply dictate a “One size fits all” policy.

Please remember why we are changing the golf cart rules in the first place. We are responding to multiple requests from campers, who have requested that golf carts be easier to identify. We are responding to you. Every year we field numerous complaints about people speeding on golf carts, going around speed bumps, driving on lawns to avoid speed bumps, etc. Almost without exception, when I ask for the cart’s numbers, the response is “I couldn’t see it.”

We need you to help us identify these people so we can solve the problem of people abusing their golf cart privileges. Don’t forget that we have a radar gun, with a speed readout display, that we let people use. It can help carts know they are speeding by indicating their speed, or it can be used to catch speeders. To date only one person has helped us by using it, although a second person has agreed to help this year. Let me know if you would like to give it a try. We want to solve the problem. You want us to solve the problem. We need your help to solve the problem.

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