Pump Outs Will Begin April 25

Pump Outs Will Begin
We will start doing pump outs next week. As with past practice, you must sign up by lodge closing time on Sunday, which is currently 3pm, to get a pump out during the following week.
Pump Out GuidelinesĀ 
Doing pump outs shouldn’t be a difficult or messy job, but in some cases, with some units, it has become a problem. In the past trailers were designed to be pulled up to a dump station, attached by a hose to the readily accessible outlet on the side of your unit, opened by pulling the gate valve, and dumped. Things have changed over the years. Newer trailers make use of larger holding tanks and more complicated plumbing, but the conceptĀ remains the same. Our person should be able to come up to your unit, hook up our pumper hose to the readily accessible outlet on the side of you trailer, pull the gate valve and pump you out. No muss, no fuss; just like you would want if you were the one doing it.
To ensure customer satisfaction, we are establishing the following guidelines for your reference:
  • Holding tanks which are added to trailers, as opposed to being part of the trailer, must be located underneath the trailer. In some cases, we have and would consider approving locating them underneath your deck.
  • Piping should come from your tank to an easily accessible point, readily accessible for us, on the side of your unit. There should be a gate valve installed within easy reach and a 4-prong hose adapter on the end that we can hook up to (just like what you would have hooked up your hose to dump in the old days). Readily accessible and within easy reach means there can’t be any obstructions blocking our access to the hookup. No locked compartments, no skirting that must be removed, no crawling around under the trailer, etc.; it’s just right there saying “please hookup here for easy access!” We realize that some of the newer units have hookups or pull valves in a compartment, and that’s fine as long as the compartment is unlocked and again we just open the compartment, hook up, and in some cases pull the valve.
  • If you have multiple valves, or multiple access points, please remind us of that when you register for your pump out. We are updating our list of units, tank sizes, and number of valves to make sure our personnel has all the information needed to help serve you.
We do have a list of 27 people whose units are not up to these standards, and we will be notifying these campers by letter. We will not pump these units out until the shortcomings have been corrected, or you have hired someone to do so and are just waiting for them. We have obtained a quote from Brad (Brad’s Mobile Service), who is available to do the work for you if you so choose. This information will be included in the letters being sent to those affected.

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