Spring Cleaning Required Some Additional Spring Cleaning

 I’m sorry about the trash situation. Because of the number of people coming up so much earlier than usual, the dumpsters were at/over capacity sooner than in previous years.
To alleviate the situation, we called the company to begin the service earlier than usual. In fact, they were supposed to pick up everything last week. They didn’t show up. I’ve received a letter of apology, but it did leave us with a mess.
Fortunately, it has now been picked up and everything is back to normal. Below are the usual beginning of the year reminders about trash and landscape waste:
  • Trash. Please take your trash to one of the dumpsters.  Do not stack trash on top of the dumpster or on the side. If your “trash” will not fit in the dumpster then take it to another dumpster, do not pile it up next to the dumpster. Dumping or disposing of property improperly or where you are not supposed to (e.g. the storage area), or putting trash on the ground in the dumpster area instead of putting trash into dumpster and closing the lid, will result in an immediate $50 fine, no warnings.
  • Landscape Waste This may now be left in the ‘usual’ trailer, next to the gas pumps by the skate park. If the trailer is full, put your waste in a bag and leave it next to the trailer. Landscape waste may not be put in the trash dumpsters.  It is illegal and we are subject to the fines that could be imposed on our trash service if it is discovered when they are dumping at the landfill and they get fined. Putting landscape waste in the trash dumpsters will result in an immediate $50 fine, no warnings. We will also pay a $50 reward for identifying anyone who puts landscape waste in the trash dumpsters.

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